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Sweetheart Upper Lip Lift

As we age, one of the changes that may occur is the lengthening of the upper portion of the lip. This can result in the disappearance of the red portion of the upper lip. While non-invasive treatments, such as filler, may help restore lost volume, they are not able to lift up an elongated lip. Adding too much filler to a long upper lip can create a duck or platypus-bill appearance where the lip is fuller, but much too long and disproportionate. Unfortunately, there really is no non-invasive way to shorten an upper lip that is too long.However, the VIP Sweetheart Lip Lift is an extremely powerful way to rejuvenate the upper lip in a natural way without making the lips larger. It involves a very carefully designed incision around the edges of the nostril and underneath the “sill” of the nose. A small amount of skin is then removed, and the edges are meticulously sutured together to help create a scar that is virtually imperceptible.The VIP Sweetheart Lip Lift is a very straightforward procedure that may be done with just local anesthesia or with some mild relaxing medication. The recovery may be a little uncomfortable but is not typically painful. Many of the sutures are removed a few days after surgery and the remainder are taken out by the end of the first week. At this time, there is typically some swelling, although Dr. Vipond can prescribe a medicine to help the swelling disappear more quickly. If there is any bruising, it should typically disappear by the end of the second week. While this may sound like a scary operation, Dr. Vipond does his utmost to ensure that this is an extremely powerful, but natural means of rejuvenating the mouth and upper lip area.

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